Catalyst for our Work:
Mayor's Education Summit

In November 2011 the Mayor convened 100 representatives from the Anchorage Community and key education decision-makers to talk about how well Anchorage students were doing and what can be done to become the best school district in the Nation.

Through presentations by noted experts from around the country, Anchorage learned some suprising facts about how well our students are doing.  This reality also created a "call to action" around the tremendous value of education and the need for all of us to work together.

The process involved three phases that engaged the community in developing recommendations:

  • Mayor's Education Summit (November 2011) brought together 100 leaders from education, business, health care, the faith community, civic organizations, early childhood and government that participated in in-depth dialogue about how to improve outcomes for every student in Anchorage schools.  After hearing from and engaging with recognized national leaders in education reform, participants worked together to identify the specific challenges facing Anchorage schools and a range of approaches for improving outcomes that then were "tested" with the public in phase two.
  • Community Conversations (February 2012) was a series of six community dialogues in which nearly 400 Anchorage residents talked about the approaches developed at the November Summit, and identified a common ground vision of their priorities for improving education in Anchorage and the steps they hoped would move towards that goal.  Their ideas served as input to the Capstone Summit held in June.
  • Capstone Summit (June 2012) brought back together the leaders who had participated in the November Summit, along with representatives from each of the Community Conversations.  Over two days they worked together to take the ideas generated in the earlier phases and used that input to identify and flesh out a small number of high-priority and high-impact reforms and the steps necessary to achieve those reforms.

Education Matters was created to implement the community's final recommendations.  This website provides background information about each phase of the Mayor's Education Summit as well as Education Matters' implementation work.