Phase #3: Capstone Summit

June 6-7, 2012

In June 2012 the third part of the Mayor’s Education Summit took place with a two-day Capstone Summit. Participants from the initial Summit and representatives from the Community Conversations convened to review citizen comments from the Community Conversations in order to finalize recommendations on high-impact reforms that could improve student performance. Several key themes surfaced from the discussions:

  • A more rigorous and relevant curriculum;
  • Choice and opportunity for all students;
  • Inspired teaching; and
  • Strong community involvement and high expectations.

To build on these themes, four recommended goals emerged, each accompanied by a series of action steps:

  • Improve the quality of teaching so that every classroom has a great teacher with the skills to create world-class outcomes for their students;
  • Every child in Anchorage reading at grade level by grade 3;
  • Greatly expand students’ access to high-quality alternative programs and school choices at schools within ASD; and
  • Create ways of effectively engaging the community in advancing the strategic initiatives coming out of the summit.

These recommendations and action steps are included in the final report: "The Future of K-12 Education in Anchorage: Report on the Mayor’s Education Summit Capstone".

Download final report.

View video overview of entire process.