Phase #2: Community Conversations

February 2012

The reform ideas developed at the November Summit were brought to citizens for their discussion at a series of “community conversations” throughout Anchorage. Citizens explored the following potential reform areas:

  • World-class leadership: teachers and principals;
  • Community engagement and commitment;
  • Set great expectations for student success; and
  • Expand choice and opportunity for all.

Participants discussed these ideas and the steps they thought Anchorage should take, including the choices and trade-offs that will be required with each. These discussions provided insight into what reforms citizens were prepared to support—or not support and served as input to the Capstone Summit held in June 2012.

Information about the Community Conversations:

  • Video invitating the community to participate in a Community Conversation
  • Final Report: "The Future of K-12 Education in Anchorage: Report on Community Conversations"
  • Presentation summarizing the Community Conversations (Capstone Summit briefing)
  • Video overview of the Community Conversations (viewed at Capstone Summit)